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New Monthly Tournament and Weekly Cash Game. Poker Leaderboard

Coinpoker Galactic Grinders Leaderboard will from be changed August 1st, 2022, It will go from a weekly leaderboard to having a Monthly Tournament Leaderboard.

Win your share of ₮ 15,000 Every Month

This, and a lot more changes will happen! Here are the headlines:

₮15000 in total monthly value 💰 | Top 6 places win 3 prizes 🏅 | Top 150 places win prizes 🏆 | Changing from Weekly to Monthly 🗓

Interested in Cash Game Leaderboard?
Read New Weekly Cash Game Leaderboard

Here is Coinpoker new Monthly Tournament Leaderboard 🆕

Cash (₮)Tournament
Tickets (₮)
Main Event Ticket
1st Place₮10003x ₮200₮500 Value
2nd Place₮7002x ₮200₮500 Value
3rd Place₮6002x ₮200₮500 Value
4th Place₮5002x ₮200₮500 Value
5th Place₮4002x ₮200₮500 Value
6th Place₮3002x ₮200₮500 Value
7th Place₮2002x ₮200
8th Place₮150₮200
9th Place₮100₮200
10th Place₮50₮200
11 – 15₮200
16 – 25₮100
26 – 40₮50
41 – 60₮30
61 – 90₮20
91 – 120₮10
121 – 150₮5

Win your share of ₮10,000 – New Weekly Cash Game Leaderboard

Coinpoker Galactic Grinders' Weekly Cash game Leaderboards will change on August 1st, 2022.

Every week, you can win a share of ₮10,000.

The Cash Game Leaderboard awards ₮10,000 per week.

he weekly prize pool is split between two leaderboards, one for NLHE and one for PLO cash tables.

Cash leaderboard points are scored according to the number of big blinds taken for Community Contributions, they are based on activity rather than stakes. That means the more you play, the more points you get! For the full points calculation, please refer to the terms and conditions below.

Important! Players paying Community Contributions in CHP will be granted 50% more leaderboard points. Time to hit that USDT – CHP converter.

Coinpoker boosted up the total weekly prize pool by 40%! ₮10000 in total weekly value 💰

  • Win the NLHE leaderboard and win ₮1000 🔥
  • Win the PLO leaderboard and win ₮750 🔥
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