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CoinPoker Deposit Bonus Now Available For All Players!

Hey, guess what?
There are some awesome new deposit bonus available at CoinPoker for all players on this poker site! If you deposit ₮100, ₮300, or ₮700, you'll get a 100% match bonus, which is pretty sweet if you ask me.

3 HUGE welcome Bonuses of ₮100, ₮300 and ₮700 – ₮TOTAL 1100!!

  • 100% up to ₮100   deposit ₮100, get ₮100 bonus
  • 100% up to ₮300   deposit ₮300, get ₮300 bonus
  • 100% up to ₮700   deposit ₮700, get ₮700 bonus

For example, if you deposit ₮100, you'll get another ₮100 to play with.
Deposit ₮300 and you'll get another ₮300, and deposit ₮700 and you'll get another ₮700!
To find out more about these bonuses, just click the link provided.
Coinpoker site is celebrating the release of their ₮1100 welcome bonus by opening it up to everyone, so don't miss out!
To claim your bonus, just go to the cashier, choose the one you want, click “Claim Bonus,” and make your deposit. It's that simple!
Unlock your potential with these amazing bonuses and get ready to hit the tables.


How to clear the Bonus.
  1. Generate rake in cash games
  2. Play Tournaments
  3. Play Cosmic Spins
What is the minimum deposit?


What is the maximum deposit?

It depends on the Bonus.

Can I withdraw the Bonus when it is credited to my account?


How many Bonuses can I have?

You can only have one active Bonus at any time.

What happens if I want to deposit more? You may. If you deposit 500 on a 100% up to 100 bonus, 100 will be bonused, and 400 will go to your wallet as normal.

Examples of Bonuses and the required playthrough
  1. 100% Bonus, ₮100 deposit will award an additional ₮100 when ₮200 in rake and fees is earned (playthrough).
  2. 100% Bonus, ₮50 deposit will award an additional ₮50 by paying ₮100 in rake and fees is earned (playthrough).
  3. 100% Bonus ₮700 deposit will award an additional ₮700 by paying ₮1400 in rake and fees is earned (playthrough).
CoinPoker Welcome Bonuses

With a matched Bonus, CoinPoker matches the amount of your eligible deposit. Three Bonuses are available to a maximum of ₮1100. This matched amount is credited to your balance, as you play and generate playthrough.

You can only have one active deposit Bonus at a time. If you have cleared your Bonus and you have another Bonus offer available, you can claim another.

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