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Best Crypto Poker Sites to build your bankroll from scratch

Are you looking for the best and most reliable BTC poker sites?

Bitcoin is advantageous to both players and poker sites because it allows for fast transactions with relative anonymity and low fees.

This is particularly useful for poker players in the United States and other restricted markets, such as Australia and Canada who would otherwise have to wait a long time for payouts and even pay significant surcharges. There are no restricted areas where Bitcoin poker can be played.

Last year (2020) I've played Bitcoin poker on a lot of cryptocurrency gaming sites, and in this article I will show you which of these poker rooms allowed me to build a bankroll from scratch, and which I therefore recommend you use as they are serious and reliable.

By following my tips you will be able to win bitcoin, bitcoin cash and other cryptocurrencies, without having to invest anything but your time.

Best Poker Sites



Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS supported

30% rakeback

Largest crypto-only cardroom

Americans, Australians, and Canadians allowed

NLHE, PLO, 5 Card PLO and OFC Pineapple

A lot of Freerolls

Swc poker
Swc Poker

Play with BTC

Play on Android, Windows, Mac, HTML5 (browser)

Register with email only

Most Trusted BTC Site

Lowest rake

Player-to-player chip transfers

Wide variety of games and tournaments

Krill Rewards Program

Freerolls every hour

Fast Withdrawals

Bad Beat Jackpot

Why not ACR, Ignition, Bovada and other poker BIG rooms?
Because I think that in those rooms it is very difficult to create a bankroll in a short time, they host many freerolls but they are always packed and in the end, you can often only win a few cents after hours of play,

While all our favourite rooms are certainly less frequented than the big ones and the possibilities of obtaining good earnings are there and also the fun is not lacking,

On Blockchain Poker in addition to the many freerolls, you can create your custom tournaments and earn from the rake paid by the members, on Swc Poker there are freerolls every hour, plus others hosted by third parties, these days I am playing a lot on Coinpoker which I will write a review on soon, but I can definitely recommend it already, as I have already managed to withdraw my first winnings.

If your question is: can I really earn cryptocurrencies while having fun without risking anything?

I can prove that on these crypto poker sites I have won and withdrawn without any problem unlike other rooms that I believe are “unreliable” and which I talk about here.


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